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Liberty University Professor Arrested For Sexual Battery

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Liberty University Professor

Liberty University Professor Arrested For Sexual Battery

Liberty University Professor William Atwell Arrested For Sexual Battery And Abduction

Liberty University ProfessorPolice in Lynchburg, Virginia have arrested Liberty University Professor William Atwell. Atwell is listed on Liberty University’s website as an associate professor of American Sign Language.

Prosecutors have charged Atwell with sexual battery and abduction. 

Liberty University police arrested Atwell on November 20, 2021. Prosecutors charged Atwell with sexual battery and abduction by force or intimidation related to an incident on September 15, 2021.

The court released Atwell from the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center after he posting a $3,000 bond. The court has ordered him to appear in court on January 25, 2022.

Liberty University is also facing several lawsuits about the University’s sexual assault problem. Several plaintiffs allege the University punished them for reporting sexual assaults to campus police. 

In addition, twelve former Liberty University employees or students have signed onto the lawsuit that claims the university enabled on-campus rapes. The lawsuit also alleges that the university suppressed complaints of sexual assault and rape.

Since the filing of that lawsuit, more women have come forward with intent to join the lawsuit if it proceeds through court.

A former Liberty University employee who used to investigate sexual assaults and rapes on campus is also suing the university. She alleges her supervisors discriminated against her and a student.

The Arrest Of The Liberty University Professor Exposes The Dark Side Of Attending The University

One lawsuit alleges that not all sexual assault victims are women. The lawsuit alleges a male sudent was physically assaulted by his girlfriend in April 2019.

The investigator said the student’s allegations were credible. The investigator also advocated for the student to get justice. However, Liberty University dismissed the student’s complaint. The University also stated it was because of his gender and because he was bi-sexual.

The lawsuit states the university treated the male student’s complaint differently. The suit alleges the male student treated differently compared to straight females.

A new lawsuit file several weeks ago alleges a student became pregnant after another student drugged and raped her on October 30, 2020. However, when she reported it to the university swept  the incident under the rug.

The woman is also suing her alleged attacker.

About a month later, the lawsuit said a representative from LU’s title IX office contacted the woman.

Although she could have filed a formal complaint, the lawsuit says the Title IX representative encouraged her to go through informal mediation.

The lawsuit alleges that the representative did not tell Jane Doe about her option to file a criminal complaint and gave her contradictory information about the potential avenues she had available to her.

The complaint says that the university’s actions violated federal Title IX laws. The lawsuit said her alleged attacker faced no consequences and the university did not provide a safety plan for her.

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