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Tinder Date Murders Woman To Satisfy Blood Lust

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Tinder date

Tinder Date Murders Woman To Satisfy Blood Lust

Nebraska Woman Going To Prison For Abduction, Murder, and Dismemberment of Tinder Date 

Tinder DateA Nebraska woman will spend the rest of her life behind bars. A Nebraska court has found Bailey Boswell guilty for the horrific abduction, torture, murder, and dismemberment of her Tinder date.

A three judge panel on Monday handed down a life sentence to Bailey Boswell after she was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2017 slaying of female store clerk Sydney Loofe.

Judge Johnson along with Judge Darla Ideus voted in favor of sentencing Boswell to death.

The lone holdout was Judge Peter Batailon, who said that he “could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that the state of Nebraska met its burden of proof as to this aggravating circumstance.”

Boswell nearly became the first woman in state history to sentenced to death.  Two out of three judges ruled that Loofe’s murder met the “exceptional depravity” standard. However, Nebraska law mandates that all three judges must be unanimous to send Boswell to death row.

Tinder Date Turns Into Blood Lust Torture And Death

Prosecutors said Boswell lured Loofe to the apartment of her then 54-year-old boyfriend Aubrey Trail on November 15, 2017. The pair then reportedly drank Loofe’s blood and strangled her to death with an electric cord.

Prosecutors say Boswell and Trail used a hacksaw, tinsnips, and a utility knife to dismembered the girl’s body. The two chopped up her body and separated the remains into 14 black plastic garbage bags. They then scattered the along rural gravel roads about an hour drive from Trail’s apartment.

Police discovered most of Loofe’s remains. They also discovered multiple sex toys and a dog leash. The World-Herald says that police also found a and a plastic sauna suit. Forensic Examiners also report that several of her body parts and organs, including her heart were reportedly never found.

The court convicted Trail of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The court sentenced him to death. Prosecutors in both murder trials presented evidence that Boswell and Trail planning other abductions and murders. Prosecutors also stated that torturing and killing helpless victims gave Boswell and Trait a sexual arousal.

Witnesses said Loofe’s murder had a strange occult feel to it. 

Prosecutors presented three witnesses during Boswell’s trial who said both murderers often spoke of “gaining powers” by killing people. They also talked about producing and profiting from a snuff videos. 

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