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QAnon Influencer Is Identified As Sexually Violent Child Molester 

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QAnon Influencer

QAnon Influencer Is Identified As Sexually Violent Child Molester 

QAnon Influencer Who Accuses Democrats of Being Pedophiles Is In Fact A Convicted Child Molester 

QAnon InfluencerQAnon influencer David Todeschini has accused Democratic Party leaders of being pedophiles for almost decade is a convicted pedophile.

Todeschini goes by the name of “David Trent” online. He has a legion of a thousands of fans. Toeschi’s fans listen to him opine on conspiracy theories related to the QAnon movement.

Todeschini said in a September video complaining about federal vaccine mandates:

Why this country hasn’t risen up and hung these bastards by now is beyond me.

RightWingWatch also alleges that the title of that video describes President Joe Biden as a “Cho-mo.” 

Cho-Mo is prison slang for a pedophile. RightWingWatch was also the first to report that Todeschini was behind the pseudonym David Trent.

VICE News also reported that Todeschini subscribes to the so-calledfrazzledrip conspiracy theory. 

QAnon Influencer Is A Child Molester Who Raped An 8 Year-Old Boy

There is, however, a public record of one David Todeschini’s own child abuse.

The court convicted the QAnon influencer of one count of sexual abuse on May 19, 1999. The court also convicted Todeschini of sexual abuse in the 1st degree and sodomy in the 2nd degree.

The pedophile was busted coercing an 8-year-old boy into sexual activity in 1996. The court sentenced Todeschi to 28 months to seven years in state prison. The convicted child molester ultimately served a five-year sentence. Todeschini had no known prior relationship with his victim.

According to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the conspiracy theorist is considered a Level 3 threat, which is defined as a “high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety.”

New York Law Enforcement consdiders Todeschi to a be a “Sexually Violent Offender” in New York.

Does Todeschi Use An Unregistered Alias?

The QAnon influencer reportedly confirmed his alias in an interview with VICE. He told the outlet that he planned to sue RightWingWatch for their original story—but did not cite an inaccuracy when asked to do so. Per VICE:

Todeschini confirmed that he used the alias David Trent in a phone interview with VICE News on Thursday morning.

Todeschini said he was also planning on suing Right Wing Watch for publishing the investigation. However, he failed to respond when asked what was inaccurate about the account.

Todeschini is not currently under community supervision in New York State. However, New York State Police said that Todeschi is suppose to register his aliases with the sex offender registry. He currently lives in North Carolina.

Todeschi is currently working as a property manager aside from his conspiracy theory-focused content creation activities.

Todeschini claims he is a victim of the “deep state.”

He also claims he only did what former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did. 

Todeschi claims he pled guilty to a crime that he didn’t commit.

Kristin Doerer from RightwingWatch explained how tracked down Who David Trent Really Was:

Numerous aspects of Todeschini’s LinkedIn page match his Facebook page which he operates under the Trent alias. This includes claiming to have worked for IBM and served in the U.S. Air Force. He also expressed his love for his Jeep Wrangler and having studied at RCA Institutes.

His LinkedIn page also advertises his Net4Truth website.

Todeschi’s describes his beloved ’97 Jeep Wrangler on his LinkedIn page. The vehicle also matches the vehicle provided on the New York sex offender registry. He also claims to be a Vietnam war veteran.


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