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Martha’s Vineyard Fire Chief Arrested

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Martha's Vineyard Fire Chief

Martha’s Vineyard Fire Chief Arrested

Former Martha’s Vineyard Fire Chief Arrested For Secretly Filming Himself Having Sex With A Woman

Martha's Vineyard Fire Chief

Disgraced Fire Chief John Rose

Massachusetts authorities have arrested a former Martha’s Vineyard Fire Chief. Prosecutors have him accused him of secretly filming a sexual encounter with a partner. The partner was unaware he was recording it.

John Rose had previously resigned in disgrace from Oak Bluffs Fire Department. Authorities accused him of sexual harassment in 2020.

The firefighter recently landed a new job in nearby West Tisbury. Soon after, the town placed Rose on indefinite suspension. Why? He had another harassment protection filed against him.

Police are now holding Rose in custody without bail. The local DA has charged him with allegedly ‘photographing, videotaping, or electronically surveilling a partially nude or nude persons.

Police began an investigation after receiving a tip. The investigation brought in the state police.

Police arrested Rose at Logan Airport in Boston over the weekend. Authorities did not state whether he was attempting to flee.

A male co-worker sought a harassment prevention order against Rose on December 4, 2023.

Former Martha’s Vineyard Fire Chief Has A History Of Harassment

Martha's Vineyard Fire ChiefAuthorities say Rose has a long history of alleged harassment in the workplace.

A Oak Bluffs fire department administrator forced Rose into a settlement for $97,500. The administrator accused Rose of harassment and discrimination. 

Cynthia Hatt worked for the department from 2013 to 2019. She filed a grievance with the state in April of that year against Rose. She later filed be a lawsuit in July. 

Hatt admitted to a year-long, consensual relationship with Rose starting in 2015. She claims he made sexual advances at her in the workplace.

However, after they broke up, Rose started dating a volunteer firefighter. Yet, he continued to send Hatt ‘unceasing, harassing text messages and phone calls’ to try and get her back. 

She rejected those advances. She also alleges he retaliated against her at work for doing so.

Hatt claimed Rose moved her desk inside his office. She also stopped comp time payments and revoked job duties from her. Rose also singled out her new firefighter beau for punishment. He even went so far as to stalk her outside the firehouse using fire department vehicles. 

She said that Rose ‘assigned himself a locker’ in the women’s locker room at the firehouse. He used it to shower and dress twice a day. 

The case was eventually dismissed. A settlement was reached without Rose or the town of Oak Bluffs admitting to any wrongdoing. Afterwards, Hatt dismissed all claims.

She was awarded $97,500 in the settlement. Hatt originally asked for $25,000.

Rose Also Has A History Of Public Corruption

However, a month after Rose resigned, it was revealed he’d received $100,000 in a retirement package. The package included a $65,000 lump-sum payout and three months of paid leave. In addition, the pack also included 18 months of town health benefits. 

The fire department, under Rose’s watch even came under an FBI investigation for it’s billing practices. 

While still in charge in 2014, a state ethics commission investigated Rose for hiring members of his immediate family at the fire department, according to NBC10.

They later agreed with Rose not to pursue a formal proceeding. 

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