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Stuffed Panda Bears And Handcuffs lead FBI To Child Rapist

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Child Rapist

Stuffed Panda Bears And Handcuffs lead FBI To Child Rapist

Stuffed Panda Bears And Handcuffs lead FBI To Accused Child Rapist In Arab Enclave Outside Detroit

Stuffed Panda Bears

Suspected Child Rapist Ahmad Haidar-Ahmad

An Arab-American man’s collection of stuffed panda bears and handcuffs led the FBI to 23-year-old Ahmad Haidar-Ahmad. Haidar Ahmad lives in the Arab enclave of Dearborn, Michigan west of Detroit.

The Dearborn truck driver handcuffed a 13-year-old inside his BMW. He then raped the child repeatedly. He also raped her in his home. FBI agents arrested him last week due to his stuffed animal collection.

FBI agents arrested 23-year-old Ahmad Haidar-Ahmad after raiding his home. They also seized several stuffed pandas that play a role in a child pornography and sextortion investigation. 

Federal prosecutors charged Haidar-Ahmad with producing and distributing child pornography. He now faces 30 years in prison. 

The FBI launched an investigation a few weeks ago after being notified by a counselor. The counselor told the FBI the 14-year-old girl claimed she was raped by Haidar-Ahmad. She also stated Haidar-Ahmad was extorting her with a video of the two having sex. As a result, the counselor contacted the FBI.

Victim And Child Rapist Meet On Snapchat Using Stuffed Panda Bears

The child told investigators they met Haidar-Ahmad on Snapchat last year. His social media nickname was “Panda.”

After talking online, the two agreed to meet down the street from the minor’s home.

Haidar locked the girl locked in his car on their first meeting. He then handcuffed her to the inside of the door and proceed to rape her. 

Afterward, the minor walked home. Unfornately, she discovered she was locked out of her house. As a result, she called Haidar-Ahmad and he took the child to his home.

The girl stayed with Haidar in his house for approximately one week. The girl states they had sex multiple times which Haidar recorded with his cell phone.

Investigators Start Investigating Child Rapist After Panda Bears On His Social Media Profiles

Stuffed Panda BearsFBI investigators started investigating Haidar-Ahmad’s social media presence. They found his Snapchat account and Facebook profile photo. Haidar-Ahmad’s social media profiles show him posing in front of three stuffed pandas.

The child described Haidar-Ahmad’s home to investigators.

The child also gave her cell phone to investigators. As a result, investigators found the homemade kiddie porn.

The girl confirmed that the video was of her having sex with Haidar in Haidar’s house. She also stated it was Haidar recording the video.

In addition, Haidar-Ahmad also sent the video to the child via Snapchat.

No faces were visible in the video but investigators noticed a red bedspread. That detail matched Haidar-Ahmad’s Facebook profile photo, which showed Haidar-Ahmad sitting on a red bedspread in front of a shelf containing three stuffed pandas, according to the FBI agent.

Investigators raided Haidar-Ahmad’s home last week. They seized several items including multiple videos of what appears to be Haidar and the girl engaged in sexual activity.

Agents also seized a red pillowcase and multiple stuffed panda bears that were described by the girl and in social media posts.

Haidar-Ahmad admitted sexting with the child. However, he claimed that he thought she was 17.

Haidar also admitted to having sex with the girl on multiple occasions. These include at least once in his BMW. In addition, he admitted to having sex with her multiple times at his prior residence.

Haidar also admitted to video recording the two having sex multiple times.  He aklso admitted storing the videos on his phone and sending the video to at least two people.

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