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Tactical Pen


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The difference between escaping a dangerous situation and becoming a victim often boils down to a combination of tactics and tools.

WASPGirls cannot do much to help you with your tactics. However, we do have the tools you need to get out of sticky situations. One of those tools is the tactical pen.

What are Tactical Pens?

A tactical pen is a multi-purpose self-defense tool that acts as both a writing instrument and a way to help someone out of an unpleasant situation.

In addition to the writing tip, a tactical pen has at least one other tip used either for breaking glass or stabbing and jabbing. Many tactical pens offer all three tips. How?

By mounting one of the multipurpose tips on the pen cap. While the pen remains in place, the user has one tip for breaking glass and the other for stabbing and jabbing. Taking the cap off reveals the writing tip. Some of the more advanced models even include a built-in flashlight function.

How might someone use it tactical pen? The glass breaking tip might be used to break a window to facilitate escape when no other egress from a building is accessible. This can come in handy in the event of a structural fire or a violent encounter with an attacker.

The stabbing and jabbing tip should be self-explanatory. Although none of us ever wants to be in close enough contact with an attacker to have to use such device, it is great to have one on hand should the need ever arise. The stabbing tip of a tactical pen can drive an attacker away with a couple of well-placed jabs.

Tactical pens are easy to carry, and it fits nicely in a breast pocket or purse. It also draws no attention to itself. People see it and think it’s just for writing.

Tactical pens are small, convenient, and affordable self-defense weapons versatile enough to go anywhere you would take a traditional pen. And so long as you are never attacked or forced to break a window to escape, no one will ever know your writing instrument is also an effective weapon.

The tactical pen is a great fallback option when the pepper spray or stun gun has to be left at home.


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