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Colorado Police Chief’s Stepson Accused Of Raping Teenage Girl

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Colorado Police Chief’s Stepson Accused Of Raping Teenage Girl

Colorado Police Chief’s Stepson Arrested For Violently Raping A 17-Year Old Girl At The Cop’s Home. Copies Of Local Newspaper Reporting The Story Mysteriously Stolen.

colorado police chief

Ouray Police Chief Jeff Wood

A small-town Colorado police chief’s stepson has found himself embroiled in a growing sex crime scandal.

The state of Colorado has charged chief’s teenage stepson with violently raping a girl in the family’s home.

In addition, the local newspaper that broke the story has had hundreds of the newspapers stolen from the racks.

The Ouray County Plaindealer was the first to report the arrest of Ouray Police Chief Jeff Wood’s stepson Nate Dieffenderffer.

Prosecutors have charged Dieffenderffer alongside co-defendants Gabriel Trujillo and Ashton Whittington.

Police arrested the three teens last month on warrants for suspected felony sexual assault.

The allegations stem from allegations that they violently and repeatedly raped a 17-year-old girl in Wood’s home in May. Apparently Wood and other members of the family were asleep at the time of the assault.

All The Rapists Were Over 18-Years-Old

Colorado Police Chief

Nate Dieffenderffer

Investigators claim the 17-year-old accuser said she screamed and fought as she was was raped. They also claim she was assaulted multiple times on May 14, 2023. 

At the time of the alleged assault, Wittington had just turned 18 and they were celebrating his birthday. Trujillo was 19 and Dieffenderffer was days away from turning 18.

The accuser described joining the three males at Dieffenderffer’s home.

The four of them began drinking some hard seltzer and gin. The victim claims she later passing out on a bed in the home.

The girl said she woke up with Dieffenderffer on top of her forcibly having sex with her. She said she restrained and could not fight back.

The victim also said that one of the other male suspects was laughing.

A third suspect was sitting in a chair looking horrified. However, he failed to help her.

Police allege the men also forced the girl into a bathroom where they raped her again.

The girl said she passed in and out of consciousness. 

The Rape Victim Escapes From The Colorado Police Chief’s House

Colorado Police Chieff

Gabriel Trujillo

The accuser fled the home at around 4.30am when she regained consciousness. She stated she was unable to find her clothes. Thus, she  grabbed a sweatshirt from a pile of laundry. 

Law enforcement identified the sweat shirt as belonging to Police Chief Wood. Police have not charged Wood in the case. Additionally, they have also not accused of any wrongdoing.

The girl contacted a friend who took her to the hospital for a sexual assault examination. Medical staff collected evidence which evidence for law enforcement.

Ouray County Sheriff detectives took an initial report at the hospital. Colorado Bureau of Investigation immediately took over the case to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest.

Investigators say that DNA evidence from a vaginal swab matched Trujillo and Dieffenderffer. DNA evidence also matched genetic material recovered from a bite mark.

The affidavit states Trujillo spoke with investigators. He claimed he and Dieffenderffer had a prior consensual a three-some with the girl.

Trujillo claimed that he was just a ‘witness’ to the events of May 14th. He also claimed Dieffenderffer and the accuser went to the bathroom and came out 10 minutes later fully clothed. He also stated it appeared everything seemed fine.

Trujillo also called the teen girl a ‘pathological liar’ and an attention seeker.

A judge has released Trujillo, Dieffenderffer and Whittington on bond.

Local Newspaper Had Hundreds Of  Copies Their  Newspapers Stolen Of The Racks

Colorado Police Chief The Plaindealer broke the story. After copies covering the story about the incident were published, Copies were mysteriously stolen from racks.

The Plaindealer wrote a detailed article in graphic detail about the sexual assault. The article contained details from an Colorado Bureau of Investigation affidavit in the case.

Meanwhile, the Plaindealer have vowed to continue covering the case.

The weekly newspaper covers local news in rugged Ouray County. The county is just north of the ski slopes of Telluride.

Co-Publishers Mike Wiggins and Erin McIntyre are both former reporters. They are former reporters for the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

The married couple purchased the Plaindealer in 2019.

In addition to running the business, the married duo also write many of the articles that appear in the newspaper.

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