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NJ Mom

NJ Mom Admits To Suffocating 7-Year-Old Daughter And Infant Son

NJ Mom Admits To Duct-Taping and Zip-Tying Her 7-Year-Old Daughter and Infant Son Before Suffocating Them in Planned Murders [caption id="attachment_5923" align="alignleft" width="330"] Police are accusing Yuhwei Chou of duct-taping and zip-tying her 7 year-old daughter and infant son. They also say she suffocated them with...

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Sociopath Priest

Sociopath Priest Coerced Boys Into Giving Him Homemade Porn

Sociopath Priest Violated the Sacrament of Confession to Blackmail Boys into Giving Him Homemade Kiddie Porn Sociopath priest Robert D. McWilliams betrayed the trust of young boys. He also desecrated the most intimate of the Catholism's sacraments. Now federal prosecutors want Priest Robert D. McWilliams behind...

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Washington State Father

Washington State Father Kills Daughter’s Pimp Boyfriend

Washington State Father Allegedly Killed His Daughter's Pimp Boyfriend. Boyfriend Allegedly Sold Her To A Sex Trafficker Police have arrested a Washington State father John Eisenman with the murder his daughter's boyfriend Aaron Sorenson. Eisenman believed Sorenson sold his daughter into a sex trafficking ring. The Spokane...

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Former NYPD Cop

Former NYPD Cop Busted For Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Husband

Court Sentences Former NYPD Cop To 4 Years In Prison For Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Husband [caption id="attachment_5884" align="alignleft" width="300"] Valarie Cincinelli with her ex-husband, Isaiah Carvalho and her daughter from a previous relationship.[/caption] A former NYPD cop is going to prison for four years. Valerie...

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rape and murder

Woman Arrested For Rape And Murder When Threesome Goes Wrong

Woman Arrested Rape and Murder Charges After Online Meet-Up for Threesome Leads to Rape, Deadly Torture And Police Shoot Out [caption id="attachment_5847" align="alignleft" width="350"] Heidi Kathleen Carter[/caption] An Indiana woman faces life in prison for rape and murder after her kinky sex life took a turn for...

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