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Are Florida GOP Chair And His Wife Sexual Deviants?

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Florida GOP Chair

Are Florida GOP Chair And His Wife Sexual Deviants?

Sexual Deviant And Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Raping His Bisexual Wife’s BFF

Florida GOP Chair

Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler and his bi-sexual wife Bridget who co-founded far-right and anti-LGBT rights group Moms For Liberty

Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler is facing new charges in the rape scandal that have paralyzed the Florida GOP. Now, Christian Ziegler is accused of being a recording a sexual encounter without consent. 

The victim also accused Ziegler of raping her. She told police that she did not consent to the sexual encounter with Ziegler. Nor, did she consent to have recorded. 

Sarasota Police confirmed that it has forwarded a case of ‘video voyeurism’ against Ziegler to the state attorney’s office.

Police allege Ziegler had over 150 second of cellphone footage of the encounter. The former Florida GOP chair took the footage during a sexual encounter with the woman. The woman later accused him of raping her. The encounter happened after she backed out of a threesome with him and his wife.

However, police say Ziegler may not face rape charges over the October 2nd encounter. They say the video footage shows it was likely consensual.

Sarasota Police say investigators had ‘prepared a probable cause affidavit for the felony crime of Video Voyeurism against Christian Ziegler.

Sarasota Police detectives found video evidence that a sexual encounter occurred between the victim and Ziegler on October 2, 2023.

Ziegler recorded the encounter on his cell phone. The video showed that the encounter was likely consensual. Therefore, detectives were unable to develop probable cause to charge Ziegler with Sexual Battery.’

Video voyeurism in Florida is a third-degree felony and carries a possible five-year prison sentence and $5,000 fine. It is taking a video for sexual thrills without a person’s approval.

The Florida GOP Chair Denies The Rape And Voyeurism Allegations

Florida GOP ChairChristian Ziegler has retained attorney Derek Byrd. Byrd told the media that he is confident Mr. Ziegler would be exonerated.

He always denied raping his accuser at her apartment in Sarasota on October 2nd. Ziegler and his Moms-For-Liberty founder wife Bridget had planned to have a threesome with her. 

However, Bridget backed out of the arrangement at the last moment. The woman also changed her mind. The victim alleged texted Christian Ziegler:

“Sorry I was mostly in for her.”

However, the accuser alleged Christian turned up at her home alone later that evening. She was about to take her dog for a walk. Ziegler then entered her property and raped her.

A search warrant affidavit indicates Ziegler told detectives he recorded it. He showed them the two-and-a-half-minute video.

The accuser told police she’d had a threesome with the Zieglers at their house a year earlier. She also stated that it was a one-off. Bridget Ziegler confirmed the same to cops.

Ziegler Texts the Woman After The Encounter And Tries To Downplay The Situation

Sarasota detectives soon after began monitoring messages between Ziegler and his accuser via Instagram.

The alleged victim told him: ‘I’m not okay with what happened the other day between us.’

“Ziegler: ‘Oh. That’s not good. You are my friend. Known ya for like 20 years now.

The woman: ‘I have not been able to work since you came over.

Ziegler: ‘I’m pretty loyal to my friends.’

Woman: ‘I really can’t even talk to you right now.’

Ziegler then continually asks how he can help. The alleged victim replies: ‘You caused this. You can’t help me.

He then asks ‘Where r u?. Wanna meet and chat? Worried about you. You are my friend.

Woman: ‘Hell no, not after what you did to me. Do you not understand I am terrified of you.”

Three calls to his accuser were also monitored by police. In one, the woman told him he sexually assaulted her and he replied: ‘Those are big words, please don’t. You invited me in, that’s it.’

Florida GOP Chair’s Wife Was Rising Star In Right-Wing Politics After Founding Anti-LGBTQ+ Group, Moms For Liberty

Florida GOP Chair

Bi-Sexual co-founder of the LGBT hate group Moms For Liberty and wife of Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Bridget Ziegler co-founded Moms for Liberty and helped frame Governor Ron DeSantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Moms For Liberty strongly advocates against school curricula mentioning LGBT rights and race and ethnicity. They also advocate against critical race theory and discrimination causes. Many of the organization’s chapters have campaigned to ban certain books from school libraries.

She also has advocated for Nazi-style book burnings.

Bridget, who left the organization months after helping to establish it, was appointed to fill a vacancy of Sarasota County School Board by then Florida governor Rick Scott in June 2014. She was elected to a four-year the following November and re-elected in 2018 and 2022.

However, on Tuesday she faced renewed calls to quit during a heated three-hour meeting when 67 public speakers came forward, the majority demanding her resignation.

She sat stone-faced for much of the barrage, but at one point wiped away a tear as the insults and accusations flew in her direction.

‘Turns out you are a hypocrite of the worst order,’ retired deputy superintendent of Maryland schools John Smeallie told her. ‘Despite your attacks on the LGTBQ-plus community, it would you appear that you are part of it. 

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